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Echelman’s Aerial Sculpture Graces the Greenway

May 6th, 2015

“We are thrilled to help bring this gift of world-class art to Boston to surprise, engage, and inspire all who see it. Janet Echelman’s aerial sculptures are breathtaking. When the Greenway Conservancy shared images of her previous installations from around the world with the Smith Family Foundation, Trustees were instantly drawn to the idea of bringing a project of such high caliber to Boston, our home city as well as the artist’s.

Our grant to the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy follows in the Foundation’s long tradition of supporting high-impact capital projects across Greater Boston. Over the past decade, the Foundation has provided charitable funding for the construction of community health centers, recreational and community facilities, as well as organizations serving the economically disadvantaged.

The Greenway has infused much-needed cultural and economic vitality into downtown Boston. Janet’s work will bring additional vibrancy to the Greenway and, we hope, elevate public art in the city.” -Susan Smith, Co-Chair

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy received funding under the Mid-Sized Capital Grants Program. Please click here for more information on this grant opportunity.

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Echelman’s Aerial Sculpture Graces the Greenway