Commited to improving the quality of life in Greater Boston.
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The Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation is committed to effecting permanent positive change in the lives of the residents of Greater Boston, particularly individuals and families in economically disadvantaged communities. Today, three generations of the Smith family oversee the Foundation, stewarding approximately $15 million annually in grants aimed at promoting greater health, educational attainment, and economic mobility.

Echelman’s Aerial Sculpture Graces the Greenway

Echelman’s Aerial Sculpture Graces the Greenway

“We are thrilled to help bring this gift of world-class art to Boston to surprise, engage, and inspire all who see it. Janet Echelman’s aerial sculptures are breathtaking. When the… More »

Mid-Sized Capital Grant Program

The Foundation will consider requests for support for transformative capital projects with a total project cost in the $250,000-$3 million range from agencies that are well-led, can point to significant accomplishments, and have… More »